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cod, haddock, saithe, plaice and salmon.  fresh, iqf frozen, skinless, skin on, loins, fillets, whole, head off, or cuts made to your specs


we have good producers of Lamb, Pork and Beef

frozen and fresh

About us

Enjoy the best of            the world

We at allnordic specialize in matching the best producer with the best buyer.

with extensive knowledge and experience in quality and freshness, it is our goal to find the best possible product tailored to your need.

Our clientele

-we specialize in finding products for clients in wholesale and end sale supermarkets.

-our goal is to find the best product for you our customers at the best price possible, we have good connections to top   
 producers of various products and we also have our line of canned salmon brands All Nordic and So Scandinavian Salmon.

-we offer to find you valued first suppliers with your own branding capabilities

Andrés Bertelsen

finding you the best product


marketing campains on web, radio and tv


20 year experience in the fishing industry working on trawlers and longliners


HASAP degree, working with ISO standards, both management and practice

tv producer

have made adwerts and tv shows for SYN meda gigant in Iceland

Stephen Nielsen

Contracts, insights and deals

Professional handballer

former professional handballer with competition mentality

buisness MA

international buisness managment

Human resource

major in human resource managment

project managment

a major in project management


few of our products

we at All Nordic are happy to answer all inquiries and are focused on finding a solution for all our clients big or small